Monday, October 29, 2007

send. creative. juices. now. please. lacking. attainable. inspiration.

I have hit an all time creative low.
I have no inkling to knit, sew, paint, write.
It is fall people and I should be in a sock knitting frenzy. Or at least a cooking frenzy. And I have no nothing.
We are flying to the east coast for the turkey festivites and then (in theory) to Hawaii for the other holiday. I kinda want to just stay home and be cozy with Clinton and Oscar and Aussie for a week. Ride our bikes. Go to Monteray for the aquarium. Go see the grandparents in socal. Hmm.
The news about the child labor fiascle in India is not at all shocking nor unexpected. Where do people think all these clothes come from? Hullo - it is not like there is only one Gap out there. And not only that - where do all those clothes that are sold in Ross come from? Are they made specifically for Ross? I dunno. I think that we have WAY to much out there. It is time we all just slowed down. Really.
This is all just a result of unwatched and reckless industrialization. And while I am without too much effort helping it progress - with or without my blessing - I am not sure how to help put an end to it. Or change its course.
Join an environmental group? Really doenst seem to be the most effective way to help bring a change of ideals - especially since enviornmentalist are still label 'liberal/hippies/freaks' by the people most in need of learning the message of 'green'.
Maybe I am getting all nervous about Oscar growing up and all the new information about how wrecked the world is...but shoudn't I be?
And while I am neither 4 years in the past or living in Austin, Texas or able to buy a home this is still one of the most awesome houses I have seen in a while.

While I appretiate his aesthetic I think I might make the home a little warmer. Not too much, but maybe a little more organic. I am curious if he and his wife have planned an addition to the house if they have an addition to their family.... Here are some photos. But other than that I love his use of used items and the house. I wonder if he installed solar panels? Seems in Texas there would be ample sun...
Also check out this video about my sweet sweet Academy of Sciences !!!!! Next October people!! I say we have the monster of all family/friend reunions and everyone come so we can go see it!!!

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shannon said...

hi auntie rachel,
i'm a little chilly and think i might like a blanket of some sort. hee hee.
storey rose