Tuesday, October 30, 2007

friendships die too

No one likes to admit it when a friendship dies.
I am not talking about the friendship that changes because one moves..just the average run of the mill end of line where there is no loud fight or vicious end. Just the end.
It probably doesn't hit right away. Maybe it takes a few weeks or months to process the loss.
In some ways I would say it is worse than a physical loss. I can only speculate what conversations would be had between me and the people I have lost if I had known they were not going to be around much longer. I can have the imaginary conversation. It works.
When the person still exsists though....And the friendship is over....I don't know. It is impossible to muster the gumption to ask the proper question. Because it has to be the right question. It can't be some beat around the bush kinda scenario. Nope - just the old straight forward works. But even that has it's problems...because what if the other person responds with "What problem?".
Then you are back to square one.


valerie said...

bleh. that sucks. but its true.

michele said...

As you know, I absolutely know this feeling. And it really is such a puzzling loss.

shannon said...

so sad.