Monday, October 22, 2007


While we don't have a camera built into the computer, we use the firewire to attach the video camera and downloaded Skype and VOILA - We were seeing my mom & milton & matt & eli in Hawaii!
I know I should be able to use Bonjour or AIM, but we couldn't figure it out..And then suresight or something that sounded like that wouldnt recognize my camera...But finally Matt suggested Skype and we both downloaded it and were up and running in about 5 minutes.
So excited.
Matt called it too - he said Oscar and Eli are never going to know a time where they didnt use video phone.
"What? You had to WRITE to each other?????" hahahaha
God I love modern science.
And I got a new bike. From my awesome sis and bro and parentals!!! Early birthday gift...

And a bike seat for Oscar..I even got him saying "wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" going down the hills...
Hee hee.
More photos when we get our camera set up.. Or you know, get one.
HAve a good day and call me on Skype - you can find me thru my email!!! OR my phone if you know it!!!


Two Scoop Rice said... was a wonderful discovery. my buddy and i are trying to create a podcast via skype since we both have kids and can't find the time to meet in person. technology rocks. speaking of podcasting, check out and let me know what you think. shel

shannon loves sabbath said...

Yay, your bike!!! I'm so glad you finally got it!!! Now if only you and lil Oscar would ride down to my house and hang out, I'd be happy :)