Thursday, June 21, 2007

And where have you been?

Here I sit, alone on a Thursday night. Why you ask?
Clinton is off on a location shoot in St. Helena. And for one night, I just couldn't do it this time. Besides, I have to be able to stay in this new house by myself sooner or later.

Oscar and I have been whooping it up all SF style. We went to Chrissy field last week when the sun was a-glowin' and enjoyed some primo time there. We went to the beach and I did what I have been laughing about for the last four years- we waded in the estuary run off. It was on the side where the bay comes up from under the beach, so I like to think it wasn't the real estuary water...It didn't look all moldy and it wasn't all unless Nick goes down there with me and busts out his water sampling kit...It was fresh water just very close to the other (seperated by feet and feet of sand) pond that was all foamy and mildewy. Which was, by the way, much warmer (surprise) and occupied by parentals and offspring.
It was really interesting to see all the mom's and their kids. Some were the blase type - telling their kids to "STOP" and then threatening them with "NO MORE BEACH" and then sitting back and gabbing with their lady friends. All afternoon I witnessed that. And then Osky had a freak out and we had to leave.

Did I mention we caught the bus there? It was easy and nice. A little walk through the park (and past the monstrous Lucasfilms compound) and voila! And to think I used to walk there regularly with Aussie from the Mission!!!!???? Ack.
We went back the next day and Jessica came with us. And Aussie. On the bus! Did you know you can take dogs on MUNI? It is awesome! You need a legit muzzle (the two bus drivers let us get away with the sock-muzzle..) but all you gotta do is pay the $1.50 and off you go! Nice! We let the dog and the kid romp for a good while and then looked for burgers. The Lucasfilms place has a place that has good ones, but I couldn't let Aussie sit outside the joint the whole time and they don't do to-go orders, ala the green effect, so we have to go back. Clinton has been there for a shoot and said they are de-li-cious, so if and when we do, I will take some photos.

Did I mention my mom came through SF and hung out with us for a whole day!? It was so quick I didn't get any digital photos, but the mental ones came out AWESOME!! Hyuk-hyuk....It was great though, she stayed at our casa in the craft room. We got a bed for her, so it was like a mini-B&B. I think it was really a great visit. Oscar and her had a great time playing and reading and being tut&Oscar. I think she is coming back again for a minute in July and then with Milton in August. MUST REMEMBER TO TAKE PHOTOS....

Also finished Yzadora's quilt and sent that off to her. I hope she likes it. All yellow and bright. With linen and bright fabrics. Just right for her. I think.
Simone had her baby girl - Violet - but I have not seen her yet...I think I get to meet her on Monday and will post some photos after that fun day. Which means I finally get to make the Baby Cake! Our hand held mixer broke I am hoping we will somehow get a stand mixer! would be FA-BU-LOUS!!!
If not, this cake will be one helluva cake, as all of it will be mixed with human power. All the egg whites beaten to a nice stiffness...all the cream cheese frosting....jeez..I better get the damn mixer.

If anyone reading this talks to Wanda or Meghan - tell them both they are loved. Tell Wanda to come see me and tell Meghan I pray a lot for her everyday and want to see her yesterday.
Nana- Tell Poppa to get better! We need both of you out here when the weather is lovely..That would be right around October through September! (hint hint hint )
( I am knitting socks, a sweater, baby legs, and more warshrags than you can shake a cane full of gin at. Also making another quilt. For Shannon. And thinking of a smaller doll size one for Violet. )


rhoda said...

funny ass post.

love the graph, hope matt reads it (HINT)

i need you to knit my sister a thick ass scarf and hat. she just told me she's leaving for alaska on august 16th. please?????

call me when you have time.

Sarah said...

Now that I am home I have been trying to think of things for me and the kiddos to do. We have a few small parks and a great library within walking distance of our house and a whole shopping area. I just need to be more brave with two kids!

Oh and I LOVE taking the bus when we go to DT Seattle. MUCH better than paying for parking and finding a spot.

Anonymous said...

miss you guys! the trip to the beach sounds great...tell jessica hello. call you soon. xoxo, shannon

knitknak said...

My gosh have been busy!!! Good for you, sounds like good times!
Hey guess son is seeing a girl....who lives in SF! :) I haven't met her yet...but...she sounds really really promising hehehe. I may have to hitch a ride with him sometime when he's headed that way!