Saturday, June 09, 2007

hullo matey's!~

First, the greatest song of all time. Really. It's catchy!!!!!
I guess since it is another month I should say hello to all you frogs out there!
I am still waiting for Jenn to get her KNIT&COFFEE swap package. It was sent back to me for not having a full address...OKAY OKAY I FORGOT TO PUT APARTMENT 4 on it ...but c'mon! My post delivery people know who we are and we have only been at this address for like a month. Anyway, I sent it off again with MORE goodies inside( I bought more stuff cause I thought the first box was MIA) and she just sent me an email saying 'no mas'. So everyone - think a little happy thought for my swap box to get to her....
Osky is a champ. He is sleeping in his bed for a majority of the night, till 3 or 5 am, and then waddling into our room to come snuggle with us and fall asleep for a few more hours. I can't complain about this. He is too cute anyway. He comes in and stands by the bed. 'mmma. mmmmmm. mmmaaaaaa.' Maybe others would be upset, but I think he doing great, considering he has been in our bed almost every night since his birth.
He also has all his teeth. Except those molars that come in later on. His eye teeth have broken through, but not all the way. So his appetite is back. French toast and grapes....Gnocchi....Rice...He was even munching on a piece of chicken katsu last night. Strawberries...Grilled Cheese. He is an eating ma-chine! His tutu is coming this Monday and I have a feeling that we will be stuffing his face all Tuesday. Sounds good to long as I get to stuff my face along with him.
Finished 'The Log Of The Sea Of Cortez'. Then read and just finished 'A Walk In The Woods' by Bryson. Both were adventure books about nature, one on land and one on sea, but they both were laugh out loud funny and both laid on the heavy fact that the enviornment is slipping away from us. <--(That sentence is all wrong, but I am too lazy to make it right...) Because of us. Maybe some of Bryson's points about tree species disappering were due to natural causes, but those causes were brought over from other continents via human passage.
I liked them both, tremendously in fact, but I think I need to read some fiction and try and pretend all is okay in the world for my little Oscar to inherit. Maybe 'Children of Men'? I KID I KID!!!!!
Clinton is working his bum off. We did go to the park this morning though, and while Osky usually walks with me there...toddler walk though, he would have none of that today. He wanted to be carried - and only by his Dad. Awww. Nice to see the love.
Also, if he sees me and Clinton hugging, he comes over all smiles and gets in on the hug in progress. I know this phase ends, but oh man, I wish it wouldn't. Well, maybe when he is in his 40's it might be weird, but maybe not that much? Ach...this is sweet toddler lovin' at its best!
Aussie is adorable and sweet as ever. We brought her home a stuffed bird from Ikea and she is loving it still. It has lost its fluff in its wings, but holding together well....
Our house is still in the getting it together phase. We did put up pictures etc. in the hallway and it really warmed it up.
I am finishing socks for Clinton, making a few new warshrags for us and friends, almost done with Mara's gift, almost done with Jessica's WAY overdue pillow, and thinking up some paintings I really want to get done.

I will post photos of all that when they are pau.


knitknak said...

ohhh that would have been fun! Let's try for sometime in July.

Sarah said...

We bought jake his very own bed from Ikea last week. He has yet to sleep a full night in it of course. Most nights if they do fall asleep in there I still wake up with Riley on one side of me and Jake on the other. Oh wells!

shannon loves sabbath said...

Fiery Furnaces, too cute!

mattcohen said...

here have some wine in that robe?