Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Thank you Rhoda!

First for the quote and then for the link to this.
Barack Obama
It is almost as if I could hear a collective sigh from across the USA.


mattcohen said...

No faux klingons! We should make a shirt. That is so hilarious.

Your link in the previous post might not be working...

pseudobunny said...

Yeah, Its not.
I am so down for the shirt.
I want mine in RED.
American Apparel longsleeve with a scoop neck should be good

Rachel said...

Ummm yes, can I order a black one? M Please...


Sarah said...

No spanking law! WHAT! My mom would have never seen us grow up from being in jail so much. Wooden spoon, hairbrush, she even tried the metal spatulas.