Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'll Blog When I Feel Like It.
Okay, so I havent been doing this as much as I should these days...Kinda been avoiding the ole putah if you know whut I mean.
I was knitting. And finished a sock. A pirate hat. Still working on another sock, a bag, a hat for Osky, and numerous other small negliable items. Like that sweater I started WAY back in 2005. Hope the moths haven't gotten to it.
But I have done lots of other things.
Like figure out how to print my own labels for packages from USPS. Way handy. And I still get to walk to the post office and drop them off, just don't have to wait in line anymore. YAHOO!
Clinton and I made a desk in our room. Was in the room that was going to be the crafts room, but is now Osky's room. Hence the need for some reorganizing. A long term project. We put shelves up, but the walls couldnt hold all my crap and fell off the walls. While Clinton was putting up the last shelf. So at least noone was hurt, and by noone I mean Osky or me.
I made and recieved a tote from the tote swap. THANK YOU LEIGH ANN!!! I will charge the camera overnight and post in the morning. And I hope my lady likes her bag. I freecycled some stuff to her too, so I hope she likes that.
I am all about the thrifting. At least I would like to think I am. We will see. I managed to find Angela's Ashes when Clinton and went looking for "stuff" and then decided to start reading it when Clinton went away to Philo. Uh. Bad move. Not only did it make me cry like a weepy sad little imp, but I had to go and get Osky and make him sleep with me. Because I couldn't stand the thought of him ... just read the first three chapters and you'll get it. I can't believe that I haven't read that yet.
Speaking of amazing books, has any frog ( friend who blogs..or is it blend...what did we decide?) read The Sparrow? Whooooeeee. That is one heavy read. Kinda like Ender's Game but more gory, more horrendous, and way more w-hat???. (Can you imagine what one of my high school book reports was like? HA!)
And now I have guilty feelings cause Clinton is sitting out in the living room all alone while I tap-tap-tap here in the other room. I am so awful huh?
Well. Hope the words didnt disuade any frogs from sticking around.
Ta all.
what is this? and why do i find the urge to use it all the time only now?
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I am on this HTML crap now.
Only what...like 15 years too late...?

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