Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i know! what crafts have you done lately?

uhm so
we did the merry go round again

i uploaded all the photos onto our new fancier iPhoto and whammo
no crafts
and none of the sent cool stuff
only stamps


yes they are back
and we did the fountain

(with no pee!!! cleaned daily!..i saw the cleaner lady and asked her...)

who turns 1 tomorrow

thats him on his new ride
sweet huh?
who knew it goes by so fast
is this why there are multiple children in households
and then you just want 50?

so post your address if i dont have it
so i can mail you a cute card
email it to me


metal and knit said...

Happy birthday Osky

Sarah said...

One years old! Wow that went by fast for me too! Happy Birthday Osky!

sunneshine said...

Happy Birthday Osky!! You are getting so big!!

michele said...

Happy birthday baby boy!

shannon said...

Oh my gosh! Time flies...HAPPY BIRTHDAY OSKY!!! Rach, when's the party with a scary clown and cupcakes?

knitknak said...

It's amazing how big he's gotten....wow! Yay!!!

knitknak said...

Oh and hey, I think I recognize the steps behind the peeless fountain, is that near union square and the convention center???

La Bolsa- Hecho Por Milsa said...

So wish I could have made it to the big 1!!!!! I'll be in town May 16-23ish, so maybe we can have an Oscar is 1+ a few months b-day party! I can't wait to see you guys back in the city!!!!! Big hugs and kisses!!