Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Maybe it wasnt me after all!??

So Sarah, My Now-Acknowledged-Secret-Pal-Spoiler, has said on her blog she couldnt post photos either. So hopefully it will work...
Theses fotos are still from the trip...

Here we are as hermit crabs.

My dad thinks Clinton is the best...

And those are pirates. Yes, real pirates!

Can't you see the swill bucket in the one pirates hands? They are in Beaufort, North Carolina.
And Nana and Papa (that would be Clintons folks):

We saw this hot mama on the beltway...that's the freeway that encircles D.C. Awesome huh?

And now for my nieces and nephews!
L'il Owen! And actually, he has since hurt his head by running into a marble bench and has 10 stitches on his forehead. Prolly not as cute as his faux-hawk..

Daisy and Owen being ROCK STARS!!!

All the kids I could get all together sorta looking at the camera. I think Kirsti got the better of this series:

But Clinton was able to get this one of Nina charging the camera...

We stayed for too short a time..And scooted on back to the west coast.
Real fast now, lest I lose all my photos!
Here we ate at Arthur Bryants BBQ in Kansas City. Delicious.

We did take a photo of the baby Oscar next to the french fry order we got, but somehow it didnt show up on our camera! The order was bigger than Oscar! BIGGER!!!
We did not drink this. But whoa. Really?

They sell this already mixed in a can!? ARG! Lazy lazy Americans we are!
And then we are in Nevada. Really. We jammed. Rather Clinton jammed. What a guy. And I get so emotional towards him. What is wrong with me? I will never know. But in Nevada we saw this neat thing.

Couldnt stop, so we got a drive-by shot of it.
Here are my traveling companions...What a bunch of troopers.

And of course. The knit.

This would be warshrag number 9. And just cause I am hooked on mitred squares:

now doesn't mean I will stop at 9.

I am keeping some of them.
I am tired.
Roni, your last box is on the way.
Sarah, I am still making room for all your latest gifts in the stash section. I think I need to photograph it and then embarass myself by posting it all.
Anyone know how to post photos into a craigslist ad? Do I need to publish them here first..Or rather at a photo hosting site?
Till we knit again....


Sarah said...

I started using flicr when blogger was down.

Great pictures! And I LOVE the warshrags! I am going to my LYS for a mammogram (yeah sounds weird I know but it is the 3 day this weekend and they are hosting the swedish breast cancer center bus and I need one), so I am going to see if they have any more cotton!

insaknitty said...

I'm not a stalker - really. I just came across your blog one day and really loved reading about your cross country trip! :) anyway, I'm actually commenting because I wanted to answer your craigslist question - you don't need to have your pics online. they just need to be on your computer someplace. easy peasy. ;)

pseudobunny said...

thanks insakitty!!
not a stalker huh?
no worries, i stalk plenty
sorry i kinda petered out describing the rest of the trip
i will try and get all wired on caffiene and write more
dont have too much fun at your mammogram sarah!
do you really need one yet? ouchy. I heard they squish yer boob FLAT. the wrong way too. as if there is a right way to get yer boob flat...
and there is a place we can get CONES of cotton yarn for like $8 YOW!!!! elsmore-pighah? ill find it and post it on yer blog!

roni said...

What a great trip!!! I especially love the crab photos, very cute!
I'll be watching the mail and waiting with baited breath....which is not the same as bait breath...I hope! I love reading your blog and looking at your photos! Way fun!

roni said...

ps...mammograms while really necessary, really suck!

mightie said...