Thursday, August 24, 2006

For Valerie, Who Does Not Have Malaria

But Who Does Love the Sealife:
Here is the big waterfall at the entrance. Can you see me?

And the l'il baby loggerhead(?) turtles were living all in this odd room. Like they used it to do stuff. Like scientific stuff. But I think it was a ruse. A ruse meant well, but a ruse nonetheless....

And they say the turtles were happy, but I dunno.

They kept bumping into the same spot in the tanks. Ah well....

Look at em all lined up. Like they are all competing to get into the deep water....GO L"IL GUY!!!! L'il guy GO!!! SWIMMMMMMM!

Oscar was really enthralled with the tank. I think it was the blue mesmerizing him and all the movement.
Fake UBoat:

in the exhibit and friggin FAKE seaweed and coral. But the sharks are real. The sharks were scary. Forget what kind they were. We sent you a postcard from the place.
Lucky we live West Coast. Lucky we have Moneteray Aquarium. Which is where I need to take Clintons nephew and niece the next time they come out here!
Here is where I am telling Oscar how sharks attack with their claws and mean snarls. Right?

Sharky sharky sharky!

C'mon sharky come circle around one more time!
Proudest papa ever!

Here I am telling Oscar : "Don't worry little guy- we have the upper hand sitting right here...!!"

And a couple more...

So calm and man, with that air conditioning, who would want to leave the aquarium?

Anyhoo. Thought you would like em.
Talk to you soon!


Sarah said...

eeek sharks! Riley loves sharks now. We had to watch practically every program during shark week.

mightie said...


i love oscar's face. he already knows to look at the camera.

we should go to monterey bay aquarium soon!!!!

mattcohen said...

deep thopughtsss