Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Okay. Really. Why SP8 Rocks and EVERYONE needs to do this.

I love SP8!
It is so much fun I cannot tell you! My spoilee rocks!
And with this last gift, I thought "AHA!!! I got her! She left her address on the package! I will send her a letter saying 'gotcha!!' "

You know. In the name of finding out who she is before the end of the SP8.

Well, We (her and I) decided to name her. We did this months ago. In the beginning. And I gave her a list and she chose Zillah - from The Gashlycrumb Tinies. Innocent and funny.
So I sent a letter using the address on the giftbox and used my return address but instead of using my name, I put 'BOO' (like 'Boo-I scared you').
And no joke. This is the email I got tonight when I got home: (you can click on it to make it big enough to read too..)

Um yeah. And then this one:

I love her mom so much. But I really feel like poo-poo for setting her in such a frenzy.
I can just see her driving to the post office. All freaking out. Ouch. I AM SO BAD.
I love my post office people and I can only imagine how they would react. And they are right off of Haight(Hippie Hell) Street.
Oh wow.

SP8 ROCKS!!!!!

And now back to our regularly schedueled programming.
I really hope the FBI doesnt come knocking on my door.


Anonymous said...

If you really only knew my mom! It cracks me up to picture her going to the post office! Have you seen True Lies? My brother and I tease her about omega securities all the time! and we call her doris.

Secret Pal Sarah

~*emily*~ said...

Oh my, that is funny. I hope the FBI does not find you out...what would you say, "It was a letter to my secret pal...a knitting secret santa thing." LOL, poor woman.