Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More randomness.

So Clinton is off getting a masssage..Hmm. Man Day at the Spa.
I love it.

IF I got this work done on me, would you all still love me?


Thats from
  • Mike Giant o' Rebel 8

  • I am serious. Once I win the lotto.


    Anonymous said...

    I LOVE tattoos I have 4 myself. I would love to get some arm bands! Would it hide my pregnancy arm fat?Secret Pal Sarah

    The Other one said...

    I would SO love you MORE!!!

    pseudobunny said...

    I still cant add notes to your blog!
    But I love that you got your period.
    Mine is still MIA.
    Wonder when she'll come on back.
    Hellllllooooooooooo Cycle???

    Anonymous said...

    No really you don't want it! That is the beauty of nursing a baby.Sarah

    rhoda said...

    i dare you to. double dog dare you. actually, wouldn't that be very expensive? maybe you could work out a trade in knitted tattoo gun cozies or something (whatever those things are called...)