Monday, July 10, 2006

The List

That would be :
We call them Pirates (needs blocking & inner cotton lining)
Chicken Hat (sorry- not done yet, woulfnt fit OScar yet anyway)
Pink Sweater from Rowan (at least a year and a half old ACK)
Nautie (started and got distracted two of em)
Gloves ( least they are fingerless!)
A suprise for my aunty made with her yarns
Warshrag from MasonDIxon
Unspecified for my SP
Specified from my SP the felted hat and I think the shoes and the boxes!).
Those are the knitting UFOs'...

I also have a few sewing projects going...
I have another sewn gift intended for my SP.
I have cut shapes for quilts:

And I have a embroidery onsie for Oscar ( 12 months, so I have 5 to finish it)
Numerous Onesies I need to take to Needles and Pens to hock.

That is looking almost finished.

I am sure if I sit here any longer I will find more.

Or I could just finish them.


lisa said...

i wish i could craft with you. i miss you guys. LOVE and HUGS!

pseudobunny said...

oh man, i totally suck fo rmessing up that last meet up!
i think i need to take the ferry over to you, or you could catch the ferry tome and we can hang out at the ferry building?
something! SOON!!!!!