Wednesday, June 14, 2006


No photos. But I would like to tell you all that Clinton, Oscar, and I did something neat today... Per reccomendation of a friend, we were used in a Current TV special about Zipcar! You read that right folks...CURRENT TV!!!!! *swoon* AL GORE!!!!! * swoon*...He did not come to our house, but hopefully he will watch the footage and want to come be our new BBQ buddy! HA!
But really- we had a film crew here - Sean, Kinga, Jig, and two others who I forget their names...- and our trusty Zipcar rep Pam! They filmed around us, our house, in a zipcar, driving, for about 2 hours...Hope they got what they want....
I guess they wanted to do a story on all the car sharing companies out there and chose Zipcar because of their huge success! YAY!!! We love our Zipcar, especially since there is one a block from our house now! No worries about parking ever again! WHoeeeeee! And in our discussions today we found out they have a BEEMER! WOOOOOO! and they got a HUGE bit of assistance from GE to add tons of new cars and cities! AWESOME!
So, when the show is ready to go, I will link it..But untill then - watch Current TV
and git your car on at Zipcar!!!!!!!!!!!
Again - no pertinant photos or crafting information.
I have embroidered a bunch of veggies from Sublime Stitching for a Fathers Day Gift, but y'know..I cant find the camera etc...
so- till tomorrow then!!!!!

This is why I havent been posting! First my brother came to visit and them Mom and Milton stopped on by after a visit to SoCal.
Acch..My brain is kaputski!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE Al Gore! They have Flex car up here but we live outside the city. However we did downsize our household to one car last year and it was a GREAT decision.

pam said...

Rachel, you and Clinton ROCKED it on the old TEEVEE. Thanks for letting me interupt your lives for like, half a day.