Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I have no photos

I have no shoes
I have no new photos
I have no story to tell
I have only to say I sent my gift off to my spoilee
I have knitted nothing since I finished her socks
I have to get some photos of toes
And I went to go see 'CARS' the movie and well. I liked it. Slightly subtle anti-walmart stance. And well, funny too.
Also. Get ready! The Gee's Bend Quilts are coming to SF SOON!!!!
I bet they wont let me take photos though. Might have to sketch them out for everyone.
A huge ole thing of sketches.
Till later-
And Zillah! SOOO many complements on the hat! THANK YOU AGAIN! (and my laundry dont smell too bad either!)
maybe one photo:


Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for you to update your blog! So glad you like the hat. More goodies to come hopefully next week. I have a special Zillah original illustration for you :)

pseudobunny said...

Sorry it took so long...I was in limbo land..And I forgot about all my crafting duties! But I am back on track..And will update MORE!! Thanks Zillah!