Thursday, June 15, 2006


brittney spears is gonna be on dateline tonight with matt lauer!
thanks for this hot tip sis!!

And the bunnies:

Didnt even know I had that photo! And that led me to find this one..When was Oscar EVER this tiny and munchable??


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I saw the Brittney Spears thing. I don't think she is all the edjamacated. Matt kept trying to probe her for more detailed answers and she just kept repeating herself. I also noticed she doesn't use very many "big" words.


mattcohen said...

Great picture of kirsti!

pseudobunny said...

yeah! and she also kept using those finger quotations (what ARE those called?) inappropriately! ( I prolly spelled that wrong...) It was the craziest interview EVER in the HISTORY of wacky rich people!!!! ARG!!!!!! AND SHE IS BREEDING AGAIN!!!!!! oh i cant wait for the tell-all from the babies!!!

rhoda said...

hot chocolate shop on filmore? YUM.

britney is "retarded" and her husband is a "gold digger" and their babies are "in trouble"