Friday, June 23, 2006

I know I is Friday and Fathers Day was almost a whole week ago..But hey- This is how my time line works now...Just a little behind! But we had b-fast at the yummy place with the hazelnut waffles and the yum yum yogurt and berries!

And a cute baby was with us!

Who tried to squish all our heads!

But a cup of coffay helped keep us up...

And it was hot so we all wore sunscreen...
I feel as if this is a very childlike post but oh well..No coffay yet today and I feel all sleepy headed.
Man, I need to kick this caffiene habit!

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oshareneko said...

cute noses. wearing sunscreen all together accompanied by cute baby... and well all three of you being cute really you are making the white nose work for you. Own it - you look fierce. ha ha ha