Thursday, October 27, 2005

Lake Donner and Truckee

So Clinton took me and Aussie up to Lake Donner this past weekend...SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
Doesnt take much beauty to amaze me and this place is overloaded with it. We breathed in clean mountain air and Aussie swam in the frigid waters. She would of kept going if it werent for us having to drag her away from the water. She is definitely the dog you want around in case you are ever stuck in the desert. She can smell a body of water from miles away!

My guess is the water is as high as the pier after the winter snows melt. Gonna have to go back to make sure about that theory...

Ahhh..the site of the Donner Party winter of DOOM! There are trees felled at 12 feet! Thats a lot of snow...brrrr..

And last but not least...I will always love you Rosa Parks. You are an amazing spirit and the definition of purity that our country seems to have forgotten about.

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