Tuesday, September 20, 2005

i went to Molotovs for the fundraiser..but i just came from work and was very antsy about the quiz i had today...so i left pretty early. wish i coulda stayed longer though...
did play some fun pinball though- they have Mars Attacks 3D- and it was a hoot! lotsa fun ramps you get to jump to hit the 3D images...kinda cool...
ate dinner at hanabi last night. yummy before and after shots. so hard to make food at home when there is such yummy cheap food everywhere in the city!!
i need to finish the quilt for Eli, but all i seem to have time for is homework and work. hopefully i can get it done on Friday...hmmm...and then on to Daisy's!!!

thanks mom for the Canada socks! They are nice and toasty warm for my toes!

1 comment:

meagen said...

love the canadia sox yo!!!!

(now we've both blogged about food and pinball. what're we gonna post about next?!?!?!)