Monday, September 19, 2005

ahhh Mondays!!

So I am working for six days ina row. Usually that doesnt mean much, but in a happy hour, it can be a little strange. So to make sure my brain and feet stay stuck in "down to earth" mode instead of "wahoooooo lets drink!!!!!!" mode, I decided to start baking after work. I know that sounds odd..Like maybe I should knit, or sew...or paint...but- listen: I still have homework to do...and baking lets me do something else AND still get some studying in.... smart huh?
hee hee

so i made this cake from my new favorite food blog thing:
and when i get the html down, it will look like a normal link, but until then..sorry for the messiness.
also, i forgot to take fotos before the eating began. But- it is delicious and even more delicious with some ice cream on the side!

hey mimi- you can post comments now!!! ..i hope...:)

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meagen said...

now that i can post, the shitslinging shall begin!!! naw, just kiddin'!!! SUPER STOKED ON THE BLOG YO!!!