Friday, September 16, 2005

what a friday

<---that there is the start of a blanket for a little Eli in Honolulu...

<---- that is a almost finished but totally usable blanket/quilt i have been making for the past 3 years. hows the new room?? still a little empty ;)

so i woke up at the now usually early.
had some cereal and juice
did some french studying
left for the bus...and caught an empty one!! i love it when that happens!

---> that is Aussie grinning from ear to ear because i finally came home. phew

did the school. came home. did some more study. now i am posting some lovely fotos for you and then
me and aussie are gonna head out for a little tour of the town.
and i will post some of those fotos for you later!!

ps. halloween is right around the corner!!!!

1 comment:

oshareneko said...

I love that Aussie picture! and pictures of smiling dogs in general :)