Monday, September 22, 2008

Holee crap.

I have not entered anything in a while. OOPS.
I am busy with school and the wee one and knitting a little surprise for my PRGE spoilee. I need to get some more stuff together on Sunday and send off a package on Monday. I am just so bogged down right now. Or at least I feel like I am. I am trying to take off this Sat so I can hang with the boys and go to the opening of the Academy of Sciences. I think his Circus Center is going to be performing too so that will be nice for him to see them. We missed this cycle for all kinds of reasons but he will be going back next time - in a few weeks- so I am excited for that. Trying to get another kid in the hood to take the class with him.
Knitting I miss you.
The car is in need of a new clutch and then maybe a few other small things and then we can drive it. I need to drive. It is such a cute little bugger and it is all I want to get to school in. It is nice getting a lift but I think Osky is really affected when he doesn't spend an hour with me before I drop him off. He has been getting REALLY fussy at drop off time since we've been getting a lift and I think it is the lack of time in the morning together. The bus does suck but just the bus sucked - not the hanging out with Osky and walking across campus with him. That I liked. Doing it for two and half hours was getting a little harsh twice a day three times a week though if you know what I mean.
Okay. I rambled a little too much. I don't even know if it makes sense.

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