Thursday, August 28, 2008

LHC Rap & PRGE questionaire

This is a repost from Universe Today:

And now for one of the other loves of my life : the knit & craft side

1. Why did you join PRGE?
Because it rawks. and cuz i can has ur fun box in the mail?
1.a. Have you done other swaps? Are you doing other swaps right now?
yes - and not right now
2. What are your five favorite things? (these don't have to be knit related)
2.a. Do these things allow any hints into your personality for your punk pal?

scifi. food. being in school!! seriously. my family.having a good time & laughing my ass off if given the chance. (tech stuff too - right now i am addicted to frakkin' twitter)
3. What are your three favorite things that you have made with knitting/crochet?
3.a. What do you tend to make with knit/crochet?
3.b. What do you hope to make (or complete that you have started) someday?

-i made the "we call them pirates" twice. and i love me some socks. and one day i will finish a sweater that has been a WIP for THREE frakkin' years.
a-socks are the primary directive. i can finish them and see the results in a week. & those warshrags from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I LUV THEM!!!
b-that darn sweater...
4. What five things would you love to see in a swap box someday? Why?
4.a. What do you hope to never see in a swap box again (or ever)?

I would love to see something sci-fi related..and punk. I know it exists out there....
a- i dont think there is anything i would not want to see again. or however i need to say that...
5. What are your three favorite yarns? What are your three least favorite yarns?
5.a. Do you like solid, self-striping, or multi-colored yarns?
5.b. What are your favorite colors? What are your favorite colors to knit with?

I love me some sock yarn from lorna's laces & some nice cotton for the warshclothes - peaches & creme cones are like UBER CHEAP and they LAST FOREVER!!! holiday gifts!
a- for socks any color combo or straight color is awesome but I do not like synthetic yarns AT ALL. They are non functional to me if they cant deal with water like cotton or wool or flax or even hemp does. SEriously - keep it natural please!!
b- to knit with i have had a thing for aqua-like blues. red is good too. yellow is sweet. black rocks. just no neons i think.
6. What are your five favorite delicacies?
6.a. What yarn do you hope to one day try and why?

coffee. dark chocolate. delicious cookies. really yummy hard candies in interesting flavors. tea.
a- hmmm. i would love to try some _______. I dunno. I tried the manos finally & it rawks. I duuno....
7. What are your three favorite guilty pleasures?
7.a. What are your favorite tv or movie charactors?

Comic books - knitting - late night snacks
a- right now I love - Eureka / BattlestarGalactica / The Middleman / Project Runway
8. What are the five things you look forward to every week?
8.a. What do you do during your week (ie - work, take care of three kids, race walk)?

School. A moment in the evenings alone after Osky goes to bed. A good cup of coffee. A better lunch. Sleep. A moment to read & knit.
a. i go to school five days a week & take care of my son Osky 25 hours a day & work one day a week at the Best Dive Bar in SF - The 500 Club.
9. What do you collect?
9.a. What collects you?

I collect bunnies. I collect yarn. Books. Art & Craft Supplies.
a. I think I don't know what collects me but hopefully it is not a frakkin alien!!!
10. When is your birthday?
10.a. What is your favorite holiday and why?

My bday is dec 12.
a - Halloween cause it means the rest of them are following soon after and HULLO!!! COSTUMES!!!!
11. Do you have any wishlists?
11.a. Do you have a "favorites" collection anywhere that your pal should know about?

no no
12. Do you have any allergies or health related conditions that your pal should know about?
12.a. What drives you nuts?

No but I am allergic to cats. Sad. But true.
Nothing drives me nuts. It really takes a lot to set me off.
13. What do you do for work and what do you do for fun?
13.a. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

I work as a bartender & for fun - I SURVIVE!! hee hee. naw.
a- i am doing that now. going to school & loving my family & getting on with it!!!
14. What would you like your pal to know that is not covered here?
14.a. Are you excited for the contests or will you just pretend that they do not exist?

Wow. This was an awesome questionaire Sunne! I love it! This is going to be fun & make me knit way more!!!! I am really hoping I kick ass in the contest department. But I need help from my badass partner!!! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!


Valerie said...

That is SO RAD!!!

I'm emailing you the oceanography one now!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel like I know you so well already from your blog. Your son is adorable!!
To your astronomy side - I got a really good view of the meteor shower last month. Very cool.

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