Monday, August 18, 2008

It is going to be an interesting next 18 weeks

Osky and his buddies at the playgroup we were going to over the summer = TEH HAWESOOME:

I started school today and I got the three classes I needed : Life in The Universe, Speech 1, and Calculus 110A. I am going to have a hard time in the Speech - believe it or not - but the rest should be okay.
Osky is hanging out with Clinton this week so that I can be in class before his school starts next Wednesday. They are having a good time bonding.
We got our new membership cards for the Academy of Sciences and we are going to a preview day viewing September 16. I am really excited. It sounds like my Astronomy professor might know someone at the Morrison Planetarium too so maybe I can get a volunteer something there if I do well. I think next semester I am going to take an Introduction to Astrophysics class. Yes. Thats right.
But here are some photos from the past few weeks and one from Andy & Cambry's wedding from way back in May(!) where it looks like my drunken dancing may be knocking Osky on the head something fierce.

Sorry Shannon - it looks like Osky is opting on the cute girls in the neighborhood instead of waiting for Storey....

We went to the Giants stadium to let the kids play around - free when there is no game in town..

We went to a game a while ago but this photo was taken with a film camera and we just got it back..

And if you are not watching this

Awesome and hilarity at full tilt. I kind of have to let my ears get used the gibber jabber they do so well for the first five minutes but it is worth it.
Plus - hi - anything is better than more damn beach volleyball!

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redhead shannon said...

well, i can't say i blame him although he's missing out on a beauty!!! he's quite the lady's man, eh?
shannon & the would be sad storey if she new any better. hee hee.