Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Killing Baby Seals

Uhm..thats just the humane society
and a more agressive take on the matter
(none of those links are initially bloody....)
You know what to do people?
I don't.
This is so gross. Who does this? What kind of life do they lead?
Killing animals is gnarly. Domesticated animal death is inevitable.
But when the species is wild it is murder.
And seriously - WHAT kind of person does this?
I know I should be more concerned about human violence -
but violence begets violence.
So stop it.

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Sarah said...

ok I don't even have the heart to click the link but it disgusts me what people do.

On the farming note my mother's group had an old memeber talk about local farming in the area and supporting local farms and you NEED this book my grandmother gave me a few years ago it is called The Encyclopedia of Country Living. Sasquatch puts it out. Seriously you could start a farm from scratch from all the stuff in here. I really want to start an awesome veggie garden in our back yard this year. Ok I could have just emailed you from how long this is.