Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Went to the YMCA pool in the Presidio today. So much fun.

(this is outside in the bushes. he was really cute with that bear in his hand)
Glad we went later than normal because there were about 23 kids in the changing room with four of the bravest and most organized women I have seen in a LONG time. Maybe our next president should have to do some time in a daycare for a few months before taking office. That and at least two shifts waiting tables at a "tourist destination" restaurant. Simultaneously.
On Monday it was Osky's first class at the Circus Center. This is not a joke folks. They really teach circus arts here. The facilities are in the old gym of a high school that is not there anymore so it is the monstrous concrete beauty. My friend Valerie took a trapeze class and told me they offer childrens classes. Whoee. It is awesome. Bill Irwin is one of the original guys from their performance troop : The Pickle Circus. Best part is there is another wannabee one (school geared towards baby/todler only tho) in the other leftover gym about four doors down. I have always seen strollers outside and thought odd impolite thoughts about all the nannies coming out of there (acrosports). While I know they(the school not the students/nannies/prarentals) are not evil by any means - HOW CAN YOU BEAT THE PLACE WHERE BILL IRWIN STARTED????? And some of the teachers for the upper level and professional circus classes are NUCLEAR PHYSISISTSSSS FROM MIT AND MASTER TRAINERS FROM THE NANJING ACROBAT TROUPE!!!!!!!!
Oscar is so going to be a scientist acrobat. Macgyver eat your heart out!
Plus the nostalgia is really getting to me. I took both gymnastics and trampoline. Yeah. I know. What happened is all I have been thinking since Monday too....

(pretty tree in the Letterman/Lucasfilms complex-can you see the babbling brook behind it...half and hour of entertainment that is)
Any on Tuesday I was able to actually go shopping for clothes - bad for the bank account but good for my sad, old, falling apart wadrobe. Thanks to this handy dandy car loaner stroller from the mall.

And they even wiped it down before my very eyes before they lent it to me. It was awesome. While I was unable to actually go into the changing room and try anything on - Osky started screaming at me when I took of our 'matching' rainboots is all I can figure and man that is LOUD in those rooms - I was able to be in stores without him grabbing at everything and me chasing him. We take the bus down there to the shopping district/Union Square but it is a little much to take the stroller and he is too heavy to carry for four hours now. So this and the family room in the cafeteria make this a totally awesome rainy day destination. Bummer for the bank account though. At least H&M and Zara have great sale racks AND men and boys clothes - so I can look good when I come home with at least one gift for the boy and the man.
But really I was shopping so I had something lovely to wear to the Holiday Party.
Which was on Forbes Island. Wow. I still can't believe I was the only one with a nautical theme ( a striped sweater). It is amazing and I can only recommend a visit. I was a little seasick sitting at the dinner table but a few walks around the deck made it worthwhile. And the champagne cocktail totally helped also.


Babies Daddy said...

Miss you guys and I Love You!!!!


michele said...


We're so glad that you went, but sorry we kept Oscar up past his bedtime. I guess we did a better job tuckering him out the last time we babysat.

As always, it was tons of fun!