Friday, January 11, 2008

This car has been taunting me. I am fairly positive I could fit the car seat with Osky in it, the dog , & Clinton in this.
Michele - You and Matt saved my butt staying here. I ran out the door never explained things etc, etc. You kept my son safe so I could keep my sanity. It was perfect. Besides - who else would let him stay up? Surely not me!
Now we just need the rain to stop and Clinton to come back so we can GhettoBikeBrigade....
PS I know I need to send out OSky birthday invites - but if you are a reader and are thinking about coming I think we will do it on February 3. Daytime. Ice Cream and more of those cupcakes. Maybe not so many - but cupcakes. Drinks for grownups. Balloons. Maybe that bouncy castle again? Maybe some crudites....and meaty something.
Pony rides? Could that be done?

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michele said...

Pony rides, yes! I volunteer Matthew and Clinton.