Thursday, January 03, 2008

So basically until school starts again or I become someones assistant this iphone has provided me with endless forms of entertainment.
I was downloading podcast from my favorites with my ipod but thought I might as well kick it up a notch and download some of my favorite tv. While I googled for a podcast from Adult Swim I turned up FREDERATOR!!!!!
Holy heaven and mary on a piece of toast I have never been so lucky nor so happy. Between this and This American Life I may develop some of my charming wit and sense of humor back.
My favorite Frederator so far is episode 104. I get mine from iTunes but I think you can get it from their website too. This short
by Joel Russel is so incredible. I love the song. The animation. The general feeling of good when it is over. After some fast interweb research I also come to see that ole FecalFacer Darin Bendall had something to do with this. Of course. Big planet. Small only because of the massive amount of information and the easy access to it.

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redheadshannon said...

ha! holy heaven and mary on a piece of toast? yeah, i'd say your charming wit has made a full-fledged comeback. love the music...quieted a fussing storey rose. whoo hoo!