Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I am very ill.
So ill I can only blog in a fake British accent. Or is it a bad French one? I can not even tell the difference. The phelgm is so thick in my head even my thoughts are muffled and forgein sounding.
I am quite proud to say I have been catching up on my podcasts of This American Life. Doozies. Half the time I cry and the other half is me giggling so much that I must look a little insane. Also - if you must know - Adult Swim has a podcast that is AWESOME! Last night I watched some funny Santa cartoons. I think I will watch another one while getting Osky down for his mandatory afternoon napski.
School starts again Jan 16th or something. I am really excited about getting back into it. I am going to be very active in getting Osky into the childcare at CCSF and then getting myself into State so that I feel more like I am getting ahead instead of wading in stagnant, pungent, putrid, and dumbifying waters. See?! Is 'dumbifying' even a WORD? Quick - someone give me some homework!!!!
Hey - be a nerd and wear you seatbelt - even if you are in the backseat.
And check out free MIT! I know there are more schools that offer courses but that is the only one I remember the web address too..


shannon said...

feel better soon sweets!

shannon loves sabbath said...

feel better soon. I know I keep saying this, but I want to see you soon! xo, blonde shannon