Thursday, December 06, 2007

OH wow. The interuniverse just got cooler.
I think this is about genius. While I am extremely dubious about giving Oscar technology based toys before he is in say... 7th grade...I am really excited about the growing number of helpful and intelligent applications that are being developed now. In eleven years this stuff is going to be simply amazing. As long as the 'green' movement can continue to counterbalance the toxic leftovers from all the mistakes made along the way.
Seriously. Anyone want to switch careers and become environmental scientists so we can work on solving the problem. I am also pretty sure there will be a cop-like position available to bust those who continue to spew the nasty stuff. And one with actual power too.
Ok. Enough tirade for now. I am going to go listen to some stuff about Einstein and feel all smart.

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michele said...

Now you can go to iTunes you from your iPhone. Little miss fancy pants! You deserve it birthday girl.