Sunday, December 09, 2007

The kitties are in the window again...

Macy's teams up with the SFASPCA every winter and makes these crazy window displays with animals in them that you can adopt. I think this year was a little odd. They were all in these mock-snowglobes with a Nutcracker theme. Which I suppose is cool and all..but they seemed to have only a little space to move. Maybe they have no room at the shelter either though.
My phone number changed so email me if you dont have it and I will leave my old phone on for the rest of the month with the new number on the message. Moms got me a cool mephone and they wouldnt let my number switch over. Bummer. But the new phone more than makes up for it.

That is Osky looking a fabu in the bath. His cousin Nina taught him how to scrub in the tub.
We decided to stay in SF for the holidays instead of going home to Hawaii. I am bummed to not see the familia. At least there is webcam. I am happy to say that we did get a tree though. Purty huh? Not as many ornaments as some, but we are just beginning...

And finally - some visual proof as to the amazing priability of these keys on this computer. I need to get them fixed. Missing : d,a, the comma, l, and three keys that I have totally forgotten what they were for. Clinton said they are something like
$15 a key to have it fixed. I have all the keys themselves but there is about four pieces that make them function.
Keyboard needs some is looking frail and like it needs a bath something fierce.

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kirsten said...

The lack of keys is so saying that you are Dad's daughter.....