Sunday, November 19, 2006

Change of Address Warning

Hullo All!
I am changing my URL..
I no longer feel the "white cowboy hat" joke is I dont have to pee every thirty seconds ( it was the pregnancy folks, the pregnancy)...I wont change it for a few days, but it will become
So bookmark that sucker and I will change it soon..I have already changed the name of the blog, so it can have a chance to sink in for a few days..
Lets see..Today is Sunday..hmm...I will change the address on Wednesday the 22nd of November at precisely 11:03 AM (San Francisco time). Maybe we can all have tea together across this great intertube wire and watch the change together?
And a few photos for you to laugh at..How does Osky look? Better with the penguin hat

the mohawk?

I love the penguin. Pure comedy...
And I love the smile under the hat..

he is trying SO hard to tear the hat off...


Anonymous said...

The hats are so cute - but I really love the mohawk!! Little punk kid already . . .haha

Funny to see the address change - I am going to do the same soon . . . Will be watching for yours!

Anonymous said...

love the chops on dad

cya soon for a martini


knitknak said...

He's soooo cute!
Happy Turkey Day!!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE that smile under that hat... pic... made me grin right along w/him!

very cute!