Tuesday, November 14, 2006

BBQ, NEW box o'goodies from Sunne, and TL!

Well, the BBQ was awesome! The sun stayed out long enough and the rain stayed away till everyone left! We had the fire going, both on the grill and the fireplace...
We were supposed to make shirts, but when you see the spread we had, I think you will understand why we plain 'ole forgot to get those going...
We had the BEST ribs..This time the meat was from Falletti's. Much better than last time, although I think I added a bit too much cinammon to the dry rub:

And of course we had to have the beer butt chicken - although we make ours in the oven with the cool doohickey Clinton's mom sent us! Thanks Nana! It does the trick! And the gravy was DELICIOUS too!

I made some fried plantains...Oh god these are good. I mean. Easy. Yummy. Yummy Yummmmmm

Lisa and Isaac brought us some of the deadliest cake known to man..I refuse to remember where the cake came from..mostly because I will stalk them and begin hounding them like cats outside a fishmongers...MEWWWMEWWWWW CAKEEEEEEE:

I didn't know they were going to bring the deadliest cake known to mankind and made an upside down apple&fig cake.
Yummy in a different kind of way. Not like the chocolate yumminess..More like the kind of cake you have with tea.
And Borat. And Ali G.

We also had the rest of that slab of salmon. YUMMY..
Some banging scalloped potatoes..
A plethora of potato salad..
And a selection of cheesecake that was too much to remember to take photos.
That or I was already in food coma after taking those fotos and forgot.
The next day I recieved a box from Prue...er Sunne....er my PRGE pal. Whoa.

Uh..She really does out do herself each time. See how pretty that yarn is? Wanna see how BIG it is:

And I don't have one of those tiny phones, but it is not bigger than a candy bar....
hullo skull! why arent you a little neat black box...

i wonder what could be inside? whats that? cool little stitch markers?

for moi? of course...and also so everyone else knows too! THANK YOU PRUE!! err..i mean Sunne!

There is also some bath salts that smell yummy and a bag that is now holding Osky's sweater...Which I have almost finished. On to the arms..BUT, I love the bag and have not taken a foto yet...I will save those for another post...
Now I have to stare at the red yarn and the purple pretty yarn too see what they want to be....
Hmmmm...Scarfy? Hmmm....
Here she is the lady who gives like NO other. Thank you.
Sunne's Bloggerama
And TL..The wonder from down under whom I am supposed to be spoiling...Hope I am..My packages keep getting swiped by the customs fellas...But she has patience and is kind...Even though she has to answer all the silly questions people ask the operators...Metal and Knit
Okay, I got to go do something with those leftovers...Like EAT EM UP!


Anonymous said...

wow that spread does look pretty #8@$^&^ amazing.

your sister said...

Ok, yeah...WOW. Yummmm Wow....

knitknak said...

what the hell? it doesn't even give me a place to type who I am anymore...
roni it's me...roni. :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, beta blogger took my comment away?

I'll say it again:

Ribs, yum.
Brownies, yum.
More please!

rhoda j said...