Monday, October 02, 2006

Very Tired. But Awesome Gift in The Mail!!!!!

(Last night was hard. Long. Involved many baths. And a stroll around the neighborhood. And another bath. And I wish the me could keep up with the baby and the getting him to go to bed...)

really weird day

& my dad went into the hospital for a few days (couldn't stand it so he left) so i am going to see him in Tucson.
messed up work schedule again

but got this rad stuff from Prue. I am thinking I guessed her theme...daisy's right?

Awesome skiens and patterns for a scarf! And a rawkin' scarf already made for use IMMEDIATELY...!!!

A very punk rock bag that I think will be perfect for a new WIP!!!
(Most definetinly the scarf...)

Even Oscar got a little gifty!!! He is desperate to wear it...

OH! There was a pretty necklace to match the pretty bracelet!

And the headband modeled by Oscar. Clinton hates this photo, but I think he looks sooooooo cute!

I didnt get a a photo of the last bit, but I will tonight after I get a candle for it..Too good not to shoot properly!
Oscar was loving it as a drum...


roni said...

Great treasure!!! Arrrgh. So, that's from a punk rock kntter's swap? We'll miss you in SP9 missy, but I'll be watching you blog anyway! hahaha. (blog stalker) oooh scary. :)
Glad to hear your dad is well enough to leave the hospital...against medical advice no doubt! When are you going to Tucson?

msfortuknit said...

How wonderful!! Ok I think I want your partner! hahah... Just kidding! This is really nice!

metal and knit said...

Nice yarn i love the way it looks veregated. hope you find a nice scarf pattern for it

Anonymous said...

So glad that you (and Oscar) enjoyed! Just so you know, they slipped a little soy into the yarn I sent, don't eat it ;-)

Sarah said...


rhoda j said...

i love putting hairclips in elis hair. matt hates it, but i need to do it! it's sick and confusing, i know, but whatever...

you have cool knitting stuff. i wish i could knit here without looking stupid.