Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dr. Nathaniel M. Cohen

That is my dad.

He had a little run in with not feeling so good, so I met my brother in Phoenix and drove down to Tuscon to see him. I am not a flier. Never will be. But this was important. So Osky and I did it.

On the flight Oscar slept while I took care of all the panic and stress for him. I think I almost threw up too, but I am so frazzled I can barely remember.
My Dad is back at home, but I am still waiting to here from him. Oscar and he are living parallel lives now. At least they both nap about as much...

I also knit some of the cool scarf patter that my PRGE pal sent me. It is the 'Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf'..but DO NOT KNIT this if you are stressed or may experience stress. I did and messed it up. Froggin' it as I type. One triangle went the other way, so the scarf took a 90degree turn. Hence, the frog.

So we spent a lot of time at the Tucson Medical Center while Dad cracked jokes ( "These are the joke's folks..") with the Nurses and gave hell to the Doctors.

Osky and I wandered the halls for about half the time we were there because they put dad in a ward that didnt allow children under 14 or more that 2 people in a room at a time. At least they gave him his own room..Or at least lucky for the other patient....

But, the hospital was having a fundraiser silent quilt auction.

How neat is that. Only two of them. Maybe 25 total...The flowers were all handstitched and then they machine quilted the flower blocks together. Beautiful.

Neat how the fabric is so different..the textures were more raw. Nicer, I think. Prolly get real comfy soft when washed.

Pretty huge ones along with real small frame-able ones....
I wanted a few, but am so broke right now so I took photos. Some were up to 1500 bucks some were cheap-o's.

And there was this creepy display of 'old' gyn/ob equipment. Ugh. The one on the right is a silver scooper/spoon with serrated edges. Sharp serrated edges. Men shouldnt be looking up in my hoo hoo if they don't got one if you know what I mean.

There are no female 'man' docs right? So why should a man be taking that thing into me....OUCH!

Osky and I came home in the afternoon, took a nap and we three headed off to a invite only party for Only the coolest online magazine ever. My friend Michele (who works for them) invited us to the shindig and it was so swank I forgot to take fotos. They loved Osky though so he may end up in the magazine. Will let you know if that happens. Here is us on the way home...

Look how he is holding onto the shwag mints and sleeping on dear daddy.

And I wont mention how we all cried at the airport when I got back from Arizona. No, we wont.
Here is another shot of Osky modelling all the cool stuff from Prue. Thanks again Prue!!!

Anyhoo...more to come.
More to come when my brain settles.


Anonymous said...

Glad your trip is good -- sending good thoughts to you and your dad. Oscar looks great in all the skulls - hehehe. computer exploded. package almost ready. will catch you soon!

Anonymous said...

Glad all went well. Thanks for the pictures of your Dad And Oscar.It means so much for you to keep us informed on how you and the family are doing. Take care and remember you are a very important person in our lives. We love you and miss you . Hope to see you soon. Love Mom Perry

roni said...

Glad you're home safe and your dad is feeling better! Been thinkin bout ya.