Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Finally, something I can share with you.
I have been stalking treehugger for a while now.
And I have been reading about sites that you can use to calculate how much waste you make by living, then what websites you can give money to so that you can justify your existence by planting a tree somewhere to offset your/my CO(subset)2 emissions. Well, I found one that is even more obtuse in it's need to exist. I don't know if obtuse is the right word...But I like it and I think it is very similar to the word I really do mean. Matthew? Help here? C'mon man! Don't leave me hanging? Michele?

Anyway, here it is.
They help you by stopping junkmail and you help earth by having trees planted.
Round about round about where will it go?
Just check it out and give some dimeage.
Me, without a thesaurus at hand.



roni said...

Well....You're back!!!! Yay! I DO need to get down to your area....my friend moved to SF a few months ago and I've yet to visit her there....I've been a baaaad friend. :( So, that is in the relatively near future for me... I'll let you know. My mother will be visiting (for 3 weeks) in October, so it may be November before I make it to the city. again...:( (makes me sad)....however....that's a great time to Christmas shop isn't it now... yay I'm happy again! (it doesn't take much)hahaha Glad you're back...I'll watch for the dusty box hehe. Have a great week.

roni said...

ooooh Bittersweet Cafe sounds wonderful!! I can't wait. Your little guy is a great typist!D :)

Tangerine Dreams said...

Hello! Thanks for leaving the sweet comment. Your little boy is too cute and sports such an awesome name. Sorry about this but couldn't find your email but just wanted to let you know I can totally ship "stuff" out to Australia. Your friend would love it, "Bud Naked" would be best for her condition. My site's www.dobeclean.com for all the flavours (I only have the soap with the illustrations beside right now). Thanks!