Thursday, September 28, 2006

more from treehugger...

Maybe a little more than i can do, but, duh, i can water food plants over grass!
And the solar thing is awesome. I knew about the "green energy" though, we were doing it before the girls upstairs took over the PG&E. I hope they are doing it also.
Urban Homestead
And also, the neighbors still havent't finished construction on the thing next door. I can hear them talking to another construction guy!
I am being tested and surviving, but why?
Clinton got me some really nice pens to doodle with a little bit ago and I finally did this:

But, the nibs are .005 so it is hard to draw BIG...thats okay. I feel I was heavily influenced by Buckminster Fuller while I doodled this...
And then I got some shots of Oscar canoodlin' with his bathtub. Seriously, his favorite thing to do. He gets all excited when he sees me pull it out of his room.

He loves this thing!

And the towel prevents the house from becoming doused in water kick off.

He gets a little rowdy folks and that is all I am gonna say...
Till next time. Photos of the mitered squares coming soon.

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roni said...

He looks like a very happy little guy....and I received a very happy box in the mail today! :) thank you sooooo much ... You have a very happy pal! I meant to ask about the Soap bags you mentioned I think in your blog....Thanks so much for the pattern it's all perfect. Love the bumper stickers...wasn't that the ho house you visited with your puppy dog??? Pretty funny. I'll get my trusty digital camera out and get some pics posted hopefully tonight!!! Yay...thanks I love it all!