Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My hands...

Are still on a crafting strike. .
Which is sad, cause I would love a new pair of socks..
Here is my Poppa. And my moms just told me that his dad was the first guy to have a motocycle in Ireland..Huh?
I love this photo of him.

Priceless. ( i will scan soon for a better copy)
And his great-grandson.

How come no one told me family was so AWESOME!??
oh you did? sorry I wasnt listening. I am all ears now.


Roni said...

Don't you just love when that happens? I have a couple of pictures of my he's in a hole with a shovel and wearing levi's and no shirt....all muscley...and the other, his army picture back in the 50's, totally cool and way too handsome! fun stuff. It's fun to see the family resemblence isn't it?

Sarah said...

Oh I love old pictures like that! There are a bunch of my grandpa too. Maybe I need to get one like that of my husband by our truck! hahahahahaaaaaaaaa!

mattcohen said...

Rocking the handsome genes