Friday, August 18, 2006

lag time is OVER people!

i know i have been laggin
tonight my little pretties! tonight after the child and the dog are laid to bed
and the food has been consumed
i plan a victorius post of interesting quality!


roni said...

oooooh I can't wait....because it's Friday night and I'm a single woman with a grown child and an empty nest.... I'll spend my evening knitting, watching tv and checking your blog!!!! (that'a as exciting as it get's around here these days.)hahaha Yay!!!

roni said...

You are soooo funny. Are you still LAGGING or what? Hope you're not in the midst of teething disaster...or any other for that matter. I've been GLUED to your website all weekend...pathetically awaiting your next post....????
ok, just kidding...hope your weekend was grand

Sarah said...

Ok it is sunday where is the post?