Wednesday, March 29, 2006

OH man..Here come the GodMama's!!!!

So I finally got the two Damaco's together to ask them a very important question.
Would they like to be Oscar's Godmama's???

Yes! YAY!!! although Jess counted how many people she would have to get thru to get Oscar and there was quite a list...If people start dropping like flies - j'accuse!!!!
But Oscar was so happy about it, he started smiling!!!!! hee hee

Then Aussie got jealous, so we had to ask her too, but she gets Oscar ONLY if all else fails. And he is 18. Or old enough to walk Aussie and puick up her poop and feed her promptly at 6pm...

We saw Claudia too. And Crisella..I think that is how you spell your name..(.But i can only load so many photos in an entry. Next one I will upload you okay???)

Maria was teasing Oscar with the stars on her shirt...

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Stacie said...

Love the last pic there!