Wednesday, March 29, 2006

And some of the family went to Japan!

My mom and Milton went to Japan and brought her mom and dad. Nice huh?!!! I cant wait till I can fly everyone to see me....
And then Len sent these photos, so I am posting them for everyone to see:
Here they are at the entrance to a spa:

This is the garden at the hotel...Fancy huh!!!

I am not positive about this, cause there wasnt any info about the photo, but I think this is mom and granny and len and the Horiguchi's in front of MASSIVE amounts of SAKE!!!!!! i think..i hope...ahh..sake!!!

Here they all are in the Edo Museum! Edo is the original name of Tokyo..well one of...

I love this next photo! Ha! Mom and Granny in their own personal taxi? The room they stayed in during their stay? Where little children go when they are bad? You decide....Cute photo!

So there are the photos I got from Len. Maybe he will send some more...These were fun to look at.
I love my family. We are a silly bunch of people who know how to have a good time!!

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