Wednesday, March 15, 2006

and then there was TUSCON-Y!!!!

Started to finish the hat that was supposed to be done a month ago..

Finally close to finishing this hat of olympic proportions...

But knitted so long I ended up in Tuscony visiting my dad and wanda with clinton, aussie and oscar:

Saw our dreamhouse along the way.
Bombay Beach, Salton Sea, California

DO NOT give this baby penicillin please!

more to come


tammy said...

Hat looks great! Oscar allergic to penicillin? he can borrow my medic alert bracelet. i cannot wait to meet him!! & to knit with his mama! xoxo

Rachel said...

Poor baby! That is pretty scary stuff too. Great hat by the way, its looking really good.

errrrrrhooda said...

allergic? yikes, that sucks.

ocsar is real cute! can't wait to munch on his feet!

eugene@Hawaii said...

Very beautiful baby...I would like for you to come to my palace in Saudi Arabia to work on a carpet..and bring that infidel husband Clinton..:)just kidden...nice space you guys!

Eugene and John