Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hannukah Harry or Santa Claus?

Well...if you must know, Jesus got us the racetrack...Aussie loved to watch Clinton race it...

I threatened the ants that have been attacking the kitchen with the skillet and they decided to leave us alone...

We packed up the bag for the new addition to the family..We even got the diapers in there..AIYAH!!!
It is an Oscar the Grouch bag...All proceeds go to Sesame Street Charities and we get a bag with the little mans name already on it!!!

And yes...it is that stroller...bassinet first and seat later...It does fold up nice did you know it is ergonomically designed by a doctor in the Netherlands?...! it might be alittle over the top, but we love it...And we do get one indulgence a child dont we???
Thanks Big Daddy Clinton!!
It is green cause we cant be representing no crips nor no bloods and well, frankly, I would of liked pink and red, but Clinton liked the green...So excited to push the little guy around in it...

From the sonogram we had this morning, looks like he is close to 5 lbs 8 ozs. Give or take 15 ozs. Hopefully not take....He still has lots of fluid to squirm around in, but he is headed the right way to get out...so we may all be meeting him fairly soon!!!

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