Wednesday, September 28, 2005

i still sleep to the vision of fireworks....

I wont show many of the fireworks..but they deserve to be heres one:

That was a fun fun fun saturday night! We got to take a little round the way trip of the bay via ferry! Saw ALcatraz from a different side, the east side I suppose, but the camera and I were seperated and I did not get any fotos of the graffiti left over from the occupation by the Native Americans. Yes, they occupied Alcatraz even though yes, the Federal Government has guns.
Then Sunday happened. The computer was rehauled, reinstalled, erased, and reinstalled again so I can run a CD that came with my Calculus book. That was an all day, all patience requiring ordeal. Thank you Clinton for doing all of that!
So I made dinner. We had Mac and Cheese...not as good as mom's, but close enough. I think we used the wrong kind of pasta.

For dessert I made a lemon tart. There were some extras so I made some little ones too. Nice and lemony and the crust was perfect pastry chewy goodness!

Then Monday happened.
Then Tuesday came and I got to hang out with Meghan and her new dog Terra. Or Terror. Whichever you want, it works. Both are fabulous. Both have some bald spots, Meg from the chemo and Terra from sympathy baldness. Meg was saying she hopes Sally doesn't get in on the sympathy baldness though....Hope to see her next week too. Just as long as she doesnt go sharing her Thalimide with me....

I am going to be boring for a few days, but I need to remind all of you to go see Serenity this weekend! It is a great new scifi flick and is worth spending money to see in the theatres. Being the uber geek that I am, I have seen it and give it many thumbs up. I was supposed to go see it in Las Vegas with a bunch of other uber geeks, but instead have to go to a wedding near Santa Barabara. I will get to see my Granny and Len though! I guess the universe works in mysterious ways!!

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