Saturday, October 30, 2010

I haven't been here-bloglandia, or anywhere where I could actually think about something with a clear brain for a while so forgive me..if there is anyone out there reading this...
So I got to go to the ER for a bit today. I am totally still allergic to neosporin and had insane anaphlactic shock to it. Lucky me. Felt like a vice was on my lungs all night. Icky poo.
I am watching bad bad scifi on tv. Worse that, bad horror. Ha!
I decided to step it up and just tell a dude I think he is adorable and he didn't mind. We got to talk for a bit through email and now through texting. I know I am busy & so is he(with actual career work, not just "work")..I know it will take a while for him to make time to hang out, so I don't really mind the banter that's happening right now.
But he is just SO DANG ADORABLE.Oh well. Only time can tell and as long as I can stop leaving my phone unlocked at work so the boys can send inappropriate texts and make me have massive panic attacks and maybe appear crazier than I am....I think maybe we will get to hang out.
Yeah, right. And pigs fly.
Also, almost done with a second sock, still love geek a week, wondercon is closer, calculus is still kicking my A@@, i do love the geology class, sexy nurse outfits simply are not worn in hospitals anymore, & my kid is almost all grown up and fabulous.
So go Team Adorable! Let's make this happen! Day Spoon!!! If it's lame, no hurt no foul and the non chooser has to take it like a sad little puppet (i.e. drown my sorrows in a vat of pure tequila)


Riko Colin Chock said...

Allergic to neosporin?! Wow!

pseudobunny said...

Yeah. Right? Only me...and Tamara said some kid at her Montessori in Honolulu.I want to know how many percent of the population are...hmmph. Guess it's med school for me...just kidding.