Monday, February 09, 2009

Before & After

Before shower. A little after some coffee.

After a good clean up. After lots of coffee.

Before the Chinese New Year Parade.

Also,thinking of renting out the fort in the backyard.
No kitchen or bathroom but there is a bbq and a hose.

Maybe $500 a month? And we can throw in the toys, kid, and dog for nill?

But construction will be continuing so there might be a little noise.
And the yard is shared.


redhead shannon said...

i love the before & after. i think you look great before AND after coffee!
we'll be moving into the fort in the springtime so chop chop, get it ready for us.

pseudobunny said...

The fort is almost ready. I will install a hamock bed for the lil angel or she can sleep in Osky's room if it is raining.
I also went and cut the bangs later that day so I look even MORE fabu now.

sunneshine said...

Wow, I should peruse blogs more often. Oscar is getting so BIG and old - how did that happen? And your on etsy... Seriously out of touch...
Hope all is well with you!