Thursday, December 11, 2008

Barren Blog Or What??

So I know I haven't been updating this thing. Who reads this anyway is how I feel.
But today the recession hit close to home. My good friend - whom I have known for 17 frakkin years!! - lost her job today. Crap.

So we went to go eat comfort food and hit up a rather beautiful playground.

Pretty huh? In the middle of the coiling snake was the water feature - jets of water shooting up REALLY high - like 15 ft up - I bet it is a real hit when the heat creeps in. And yes it DOES get hot in SF - especially in the hood this park is at...

I made the Pangalactic Garbleblasters last night. They really hit hard.

Like a gold brick wrapped in gold??

Can't I just smile in a photo - ONCE in my frakkin life? Jeeez.
Some one was wearing the "Science, it works bitches" so I am glad I did not wear mine. Hate to be wearing the same thing at a partay as someone else eh?

We also put up some holiday lights and made some snowflakes from newspaper.

Some photos of the Skepchick Drinking Event!

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redhead shannon said...

i read it. that playground is amazing...where abouts is it? love your hair!! love your snowflakes and your lights are very purty! happy birthday! xoxo.