Monday, October 06, 2008

Trash in the tanks already!

I didn't really think people would throw things in ... I think maybe these both blew in...lollipop stick and a map of the Academy of Sciences.

On a critical note - the new California Academy of Sciences kinda bites. The aquarium is awesome and I am sure the planetarium is dope - but all the natural history stuff is just GONE. No rocks. No nothing. Boring. The two 'side' halls are just tvs showing endless movies about crap that isn't worth the tv's they are on. I almost think they offset their green standing with all the tv's they have in there. Instead of just a sign for the tanks - which there are a TON of - they have little tv screens. WTF? Instead of interesting exhibits about life on earth they have 'interactive' games that are more mind-sucking than educational. They have one of those computer screens on the floor that usually involve stomping and more stomping except this one is a conservation game - THAT NOONE PLAYS RIGHT! One is supposed to be feeding ( shushing with ones feet) the bugs to save them and instead parents are telling the kids to "STEP ON THE BUG!! GET IT!!!" Uhmm. People? IT IS A NATURAL HISTORY museum. That means no killing. Although the game is right by the hall of dead animals (with live penguins at one end) so maybe the message has been completely lost on the new viewing public. If I was a more generous donor they might respond to my angst over the serious lack of planning on the CAS part - but alas - I am only a little peon. Bummer. They should of called me. Oh well.

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