Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Osky now attends SFSU & CCSF!!!

Smart kid huh?
Today was hectic though..we caught the bus out to CCSF and went to the Family Resource Center orientation. I now have osky in two schools so I can go to classes. This one is awesome and I have to volunteer but I am totally down if they can help me get my classes...I should of taken photos at the chaos today but it was so much fun that I couldn't stop listening to the ladies talk to us and stop watching the kids have fun together. It was awesome and totally different than anything I have experienced at CCSF so far. I only wish I had known about the FRC last semester. I think maybe I will try and help get the word out because NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THEM!!! Why? I applied to the daycare at CCSF when Osky turned at least one and they never mentioned the FRC. Hmph. Hows that for help? grr..So My MAIN goal this semester is to get A's and help the FRC.
I think I just might be able to do this. And maybe even keep up this blog while I am at it! HA!
Well. I can dream right?

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