Sunday, July 13, 2008

Potty Training has Begun

Potty Training has Begun, originally uploaded by pseudobunny.

Thanks for all the cute comments on the wee surfer. I am going to go to the gym (OMG!!) to try and beef up those muscles needed to paddle out to the surf. Then hopefully learn how to surf before he learns how to swim and then we enter him in every surf contest there is.
And as you can see from the photo o'the day - we have begun the potty lesson. He is good at the peein' but the BM is a little more confusing.
The following can go in the annals of TMI & Gross Things Dogs Do:
This morning he almost made "it" into his little potty but missed so while I ran to go get TP to clean it up ( i know i should of had some ready but it was a sloooow morning okay?) THE FRAKKIN DOG ATE THE POOP PELLETS !!!!! OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!
So maybe the next time you come over we should just say hi to the dog instead of giving her some smooches...Yoiks.

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Anonymous said...

at least he's going in the toilet!!! but good luck and give me tips. ours mocks us daily.